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FBLA qualifies for state competition


    FBLA, otherwise known as Future Business Leaders of America, focuses on the development of business strategy, tactics, and general business skills.

    “[FBLA is a club in which] students get to use business skills in practical ways by competing and fundraising,” club sponsor Sam Barotz said.

    The club introduces a different learning style and way to express ideas than most other classes and clubs. FBLA has similarities to speech and debate, however it is more business-oriented and highly focused on real-world applications.

    “Primarily, FBLA teaches a lot about leadership skills and using it in the business field. One big thing with that is being able to network,” senior Kai Sumatsu said.

    Each year students participate in about 30 events. 17 students qualified for state netting the highest percentage of students qualifying this year, bringing both pride to these students and the program.

    “I’m actually really proud of everybody that qualified,” Sumatsu said.

    The club offers opportunities for students of all backgrounds. Students are not required to be honors or IB students, just to have a passion for business.

    There is a record number of students attending the state competition from GW in the last four years.

    This year’s qualifications are an accomplishment as the club had underperformed in previous years qualifying for state.

    “I’m very happy compared to what we’ve previously experienced, in the last two years” Sumatsu said.

    Students built on past experiences to find their success.

    “[My] experience from last year and a hopeful mindset led me to state this year,” senior Ethan Frahm said.

    In his last year at George, Frahm intends to perform well at state and prove just how good GW’s FBLA program truly is.

    Members hope that the success of this year’s lineup of students not only gives GW a good reputation among the FBLA community, but also draws in new students coming into GW in future years.

    “I hope more people will join.” Sumatsu said.

    Barotz/members hope to build on their success until they may be able to make it to the national competitions.

    “Nationals is definitely a possibility.” Sumatsu said.

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