GW’s Girls Lacrosse team makes strides


     George Washington has never officially had a girls lacrosse team. Student athletes at GW are working hard to change that. The girls lacrosse team has had a difficult time becoming official and relevant, mainly due to a lack of students willing to play.

 “I’d say the biggest thing for us is that there’s a few girls who are really into it, but not many others, so getting girls to play [has been difficult],” senior Julia Bailey said.

    Nonetheless, the girls on the team all have high hopes for the team’s future.

    “I hope it picks up. We have a sophomore, Zia Collings, on the team, who loves it,  and [has] been playing since she was young, so I hope by the time she’s a senior, the program will be big enough to have varsity and JV team,” Bailey said.

     Collings has been playing lacrosse for a long time, she hopes to see the team take off.

     “Hopefully [we] get a solid team and not have to worry about getting a [different] coach every year,” Collings said.

    The team is still hanging on, hoping to become official. They have goals for this year.

     “This year’s goals: to play some games and have fun, hopefully get more girls. The more games we play the more recognition it gets,” Bailey said.    

     The team hopes to become official and enough to have a JV and varsity.

     “Hopefully [this year] we can have a good season in general, and win a couple games and match with East’s JV team at least,”  Collings said.

Sophomore Karley Fisher (right)  watching the ball and junior Emma Rasmussen (left) defending the ball during a practice on March 6, 2018

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