Success Center offers safe place for students


The Success Center has been a part of life at George Washington for a while, but it has become more relevant in our current national climate, especially when it comes to the issue of school safety.

    The Success Center offers several valuable services and contains two full-time social workers, a psychologist, a restorative justice coordinator, three academic advisors and a therapist.

    For many students, it is a space in which they feel safe, a place where they feel welcome. The social workers, Britt Rosenquist and Sarah Hartman, provide an array of services to students.

    “Ms. Hartman and I have different things that we do. We work with the special education students. We meet with them weekly, and they each have a goal that we’re working on together,” Rosenquist said. “We also meet with students that have what’s called a 504, which is a support plan based on a disability; that could be medical, mental health, physical, to give them equal access to their education.”

    The two social workers also assist suicidal and self-harming students.

    “With students that are suicidal, self-harming, we safety plan together, and work out how to support them at school and involve their families,” Rosenquist said.

    The Success Center is an integral part of keeping our school safe and secure from threats. They do this through threat assessments.

    “Whenever a student makes a threat, we have to do a protocol of, like, ‘do they have access to a weapon? Who’s the target?’ and we have to ensure safety and bring all the teachers together to talk about safety at school, as well as family.” Rosenquist said.

    According to Psychology Today, without some kind of constructive outlets, such as counseling, human connection and school, children and young adults are more likely to become violent later in life.

    “I think it’s valuable in connecting with students that are having a hard time with school, whether that’s academic or mental health or home, everyone comes to school bringing something, some kind of barrier to getting an education[…],” Rosenquist said.

    The Success Center’s goal is to give students these outlets, to help them be successful in school and in life.

    “The Success Center has helped me by giving me resources to get help for my depression and anxiety, and they’re also helping me get a 504,” freshman Cal LeBlanc said.

    The Success Center is important to many students and is considered a place of safety and acceptance by them.

    “If the Success Center wasn’t there, there would be a lot of kids who would be struggling very much,” LeBlanc said.

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