Turmoil arises among GW’s spring sports teams


    Different sports teams constantly look forward to playing their rivals in intense matchups. However, inner-school spring sports sometimes disagree on the field distribution causing their own set of rivalries. Not surprisingly at George, it can often be difficult to provide time for over five sports teams that potentially practice at the same time on only three fields.

    Junior Collin Meyers voices his concern for the matter, “The girls’ soccer team should technically have the whole [turf] field, but [the lacrosse team] kind of just takes our own half,” Meyers said, “which I think is justified, because no team should have the whole field to themselves.”

    Sophomore Suhaib Giornazi, a track runner, sees this as a distraction for his sport.

    “Lacrosse and soccer often leave bags and equipment in lane 1 and 2, so we connot run a whole lap in those lanes,” Giornazi said. “These items and equipment often get in our way during workouts on the track.”

    Athletes believe that solutions should be found to the problem at hand.

    Lacrosse player Nick Gerrans, junior, believes time management should be the main solution. “Scheduling practice at different times or scheduling different teams at different fields would help everyone practice in a more focused environment,” Gerrans said.

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