Storytelling through art: Artists show insight into processes and work


The sticky smear of paint, the coffee-dark drip of ink, the powdery smudge of charcoal, that is how IB artists tell their stories. Over the course of their time in the class, students create an art show exhibit that shares the message they think needs to be shared — exhibits that now line the basement halls.

The Surveyor: What is the difference between HL and SL in IB Art?

Katie Morrow: SL is a one year course and HL is a two year course which means that SL art has less requirements — requirements being how many pieces needed at the end of the year.

TS: What is a thread?

KM: Yeah the thread is basically [the theme that] ties all your pieces together so they are semi-cohesive and so they really show your voice.

TS: How long does it take to come up with a thread? And how many did you use?

KM: Creating the common thread really varies person to person and I used 11 pieces I created specifically for the show.

TS: What do your pieces represent?

KM: My pieces represent this idea of human connections through the use of color and shape. It represents me because having moved away from friends and losing those relationships has been a part of my life. So creating these connections in my pieces all me to dig deeper into that.

TS: What pieces did you use for the art show?

KM: I used different colors for each piece to show different moods and I repeated the element of triangles are the strongest shape and can be rearranged in many different ways.

TS: How does the triangles represent you moving away from friends?

KM: Well the triangles form a bridge like structure that creates connections from piece to piece, if that makes sense. Each piece has a person or representation of a person.

TS: What do like about IB Art?

KM: In IB art you can really chose what you want to work on and the class gets to pick most ,so it’s a lot of choice for a high school class.

TS: I’d recommend it to kids who understand that art is a challenging subject and really want to work on their skills.

Katie IB Art

Katie Morrow’s art exhibit, telling the story of connection and bonds.

Photo used with permission of Katie Morrow.



The Surveyor: What do you like about IB Art?

Jon’il Fugett: I like the freedom that you have to create something you’re passionate about.

TS: What pieces did you come up with?

JF: My pieces are around basketball and social issues.

TS: How does social issues tie into basketball?

JF: A lot of people who play basketball see it as more important than everything else. When in actuality it should just be used as a tool to get you places. So, little stuff like people thinking basketball is more important than schoolwork and family and stuff like that.

TS: In your opinion do you think basketball is more important? What if the person wants to become a NBA player?

JF: Basketball is very important to me but when it comes down to it, school and family are more important. Especially family. And if someone wants to become an NBA player, I would say go follow your dreams but have a plan B.

TS: How many pieces did you use?

JF: I think I have like seven or eight.

TS: Did You use specific colors, shapes, designs?

JF: No just different mediums like sculpting, charcoal, colored pencil and then like photoshop.

TS: What are some struggles you have had?

JF: I could barely even meet the deadlines for them.

TS: Why has that been a struggle?

JF: Because I’m behind the curve with art and everyone else already knows what they are doing.

TS: How important is this piece mean to you? And how does it represent you?

JF: It speaks to some of my thoughts on how people see me as a basketball player.

TS: Do you believe that your piece will make people look at you differently?

JF: I hope it wouldn’t but you never know. People see and perceive things differently.


The IB Art Show opens on Thursday March 22 at 5:30 p.m.


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