Baseball team anticipates successful season


For over three years, the Patriots’ baseball team has failed to make the playoffs or win the DPS league. However, after years of struggle, the Patriots are ready to make some noise.

Senior Henry Hoffman reflects on the start of their 2018 season.

“It was definitely challenging at first, since our coach unexpectedly quit,” Hoffman said, “ we had to learn how to collaborate and run the practices ourselves.”

Hoffman was one of two freshmen on varsity in 2015, and is the only one who has played for GW for all four years. Hoffman, who was elected as a captain, believes this is his year to step up for his team.

“I think I need to lead this team, and mentor the younger players,” Hoffman said, “The upperclassmen mentored me in my first years, and it really helped me develop.”

This is a new role for Hoffman, as he has never had such an experience, of having to lead a group of his friends.

“I hope they can understand that it’s basically like business on the field,” Hoffman said, “We’ll joke around at school and everything, but I always try to get everyone to be serious when we actually play.”

According to, Hoffman is currently batting an average of 0.143, but he is hoping to lead DPS in batting average over the whole season.

All in all, Hoffman is hopeful the Patriots will have a successful season.

“I think if we focus and play the way I know we can, we’ll definitely reach the playoffs and make a deep run, hopefully,” Hoffman said.

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