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Seniors are bonding as school year ends


    Senior year isn’t just about graduating, it is also a time for students to have fun and connect with their peers. During most of the year seniors focus on getting their college applications done, making sure their SAT and ACT scores are good, and making sure that all their credits are ready for the graduation but students forget the real memories we make along our senior year.

   With only a few weeks left seniors are engaging in senior traditions that have been passed down from past graduated seniors. These traditions help solidify the bonds of friendship for years to come. These events unite us and create that ‘last experience’ before students go out into the world and become the adults they have been preparing to be.

   Although assassins sounds terrifying, this tradition is full of laughs and friendly competition. During this ‘war’, students are assigned a target that they have to spray with water in order to eliminate them and move on to the next round. Assassins starts right after students come back from spring break.

  “Assassins was one of the most fun parts of my senior year. I loved all of the senior traditions, but this was the one that let students be creative and competitive in a way our classes didn’t,” alumna Annabelle Swift, class of  2017, said.

   The prom reveal for the 2018 Prom took place somewhere very  different than years before, which it usually was at Skate City, but this year it was at SpiderMonkey. On April 8 2018 students food out that the theme this year for prom is Masquerade and will be at The Infinity  Park. Not only prom but after prom will also be at this location.

   “ I am actually pretty excited about the theme for prom this year, I know it won’t be like the world’s best Masquerade ball but it should be fun and I hope there are a lot of cool and interesting different masks. Should be a night to remember.” senior Sara Delacruz said.

   Not only was prom reveal different this year but unfortunately due to weather conditions Senior Ditch, which usually takes place at the Cherry Creek Reservoir was moved to Dave and Busters on April Friday 13th.

   “ Honestly I was very disappointed in the way Senior Ditch Day ended up. We were all doing our own thing, from what I heard and saw not many seniors went to Dave and Busters, I ended up having a movie day at my friends house. I wish they would have just rescheduled it the way they did with Senior Sunset. I wish we could have a redo on Senior Ditch Day.” senior Gabby Romero said.

 Senior sunrise started off students’ last year of high school on Oct. 16. To celebrate the end of the year, seniors gather on Lookout Mountain for Senior Sunset on April 25 around 7pm. They can bring blankets and snacks as they spend an evening taking in the Colorado mountain views with their friends and classmates.

   “I’m excited for the events that are coming up because these are our last events together, it is really ending and it’s nice to do this with the people  I grew up with for the last four years,” senior Ena Dedic said.  

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