Arming teachers: a threat for school shootings?


School policy states students shouldn’t carry any weapons such as guns, pocket knives, lighters or anything that may harm an individual. If students can’t carry any of these objects with them, then why should teachers?

   Teachers should not be armed with guns in school. Although it may save lives, it can also take them as well. During a shooting, a teacher may confuse a student for a shooter, or just miss a shot, and accidentally shoot a student. Also, if not properly locked up, a student may get a hold of a teacher’s gun, which can be extremely dangerous. However, those are not the only concerns.

   Many people believe teachers should be armed with a gun for the safety of their students and the school. According to a survey by NBC News, 44 percent of Americans agreed with the idea of arming teachers. 80 percent of Republicans support this while only 11 percent of Democrats and 35 percent of independents do.

   Arming and giving teachers the necessary training to handle guns adds to the cost. According to an article by The Fiscal Times, it could take anywhere from $250 million to $1.08 billion to fully arm and train teachers. Additionally, having armed teachers may reduce the demand for security guards, so some people can lose their jobs.

   Furthermore school has to be a safe environment so that students can focus on their studies. However, a teacher always having a weapon within arms reach can jeopardize that.

   Arming teachers in order to stop school shootings while they’re happening is not the best solution. Instead, we should support schools and teachers so that they can give students the mental health resources they need and prevent school shootings before they even happen.

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